bukač hockey

The concept of BUKACHOCKEY training is based on more than four years of working with players of all levels of ice hockey. Our work has seen successful results at international level – gold, silver and bronze medals from World Championships and Olympic Games. Hockey is a dynamic sport and its training concepts evolve every day. BUKACHOCKEY training concept evolves depending on which direction international hockey is heading.

BUKACHOCKEY coaches teach players not only in Europe, but also in Canada and the United States. Dr. Luděk Bukač and Mgr. Luděk Bukač hold presentations at hockey symposiums all around the world.

BUKACHOCKEY training is based on combination of indidivual skills training and hockey IQ training. It is our target to make players improve their hockey thinking while their skills also thrive during practice. Reading of the game and reacting to its flow is what separates individual players one from another.

We are able to dramatically improve and automatize skills of individual players. It is, however, necessary that players use their improved skills during games. Skills training without the player having to think on the ice doesn't have as much effect. Each player's identity, hockey thinking and creativity is key to a successful and effective practice.


  • Power and finesse skating with puck carrying 
  • Acceleration following a change of direction 
  • STRIDING – power skating 
  • Balance control – open solutions and decision making 
  • Reading of and reacting to the game and motion 
  • Shot following a deke 
  • Shot from behind a player 
  • One-time shots 
  • Deflections and rebounds 
  • Basic dekes and moves 
  • Drive to the net 
  • Puck control below the goal line 
  • Puck control in the corner
  • Chemistry, off-the-puck positioning
  • 1-on-1 defensive play along the boards 
  • Defensive play in front of the net 
  • Shot blocking 
  • 2-on-2 (3-on-3) zone play

BUKACHOCKEY camp participants are divided by the head coach into groups by their physical dispositions, performance and first language. There are 4 to 7 players in each group. The head coach is able to move players from one group to another in case a move is needed.

During practice players are attended to by 5 to 8 specialized coaches. Each of the coaches is specialized in a certain skill.

Practice is always adjusted to skill level of a certain group. During practice, activities are made over  to become as effective as possible and to have effect on each of the players in the group.


The target of the off-ice training is to build a disposition for complex game motion. We are building athleticism while making players improve their hockey thinking.

What is complex game motion?

  • First step dynamics, direction changes and turn-arounds 
  • Breakouts and pivoting 
  • Accelerating and slowing down 
  • Halting, stopping and renewing motion 
  • Faking and intentional finalizing of moves

Athleticism building

  • Leg power 
  • Balance training 
  • CORE training

Skills training

  • Stick handling (deking, dribbling,...) 
  • Shots 
  • Puck covering

Additional games   

  • Floorball 
  • Basketball 
  • Soccer/football 
  • Badminton 
  • Rugby

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