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International Coaching Symposium Brings Together Best And Brightest Hockey Minds To Share Information That Will Improve The Game

O! Goooood. GO! Niceeeeee. GO!

Ludek Bukac had a way of peppering long, drawn out words of encouragement with short, loud commands as he circled the ice during an on-ice coaching demonstration. As it turned out, the former head coach of the Czech Republic National Team, now pushing 70, was pretty good with a whistle, too.

Bukac, along with a star-studded cast of NHL coaches, accepted an invitation to participate in an International Coaching Symposium, a two-day summit offered by USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program at the IIHF 2005 World Junior Championship in Grand Forks , N.D.

Bukac's end of the bargain included 90 minutes in the classroom and another 90 minutes on the ice running practice for the Grand Forks Red Wings, a group of players from 9-11 years of age, all of whom seemed charmed by their famous instructor with a funny accent.

(Bukac, a teacher and writer of papers and books on hockey, played five seasons for the Czech National Team and, as a coach, won two World Championship gold medals and four silvers, and has also coached national teams for Germany , Austria and Poland ).

His students were equally enamored by the moves they were being shown — useful, in-game hockey moves, such as changing direction laterally at speed with the puck. Not even the goaltenders seemed to mind being deked out of their skates by a 69-year-old man in glasses.

“We're playing one game now, one philosophy,” Bukac said of his interest in the symposium, before mentioning what he thought was the most important facet of hockey.

“It's like the situation in basketball, very important now is the skill and thinking. You need the guys who hustle and chase and work hard, but you need people who can play, score, pass and create.”

Hockey has truly become a global game, with information flowing freely across borders that once held the philosophies of skill development and conditioning tighter than some countries controlled state secrets.

“There was a time, not too long ago, when coaches would keep information to themselves or within their federations,” said Mark Tabrum, USA Hockey's director of the Coaching Education Program that sponsored the symposium.


Dr. Bukac
Thank you for attending the USA Hockey Symposium in Rochester , NY . I was very impressed with your training methods. You mentioned that the video would be for sale. Can you tell me how much and when it will be ready.



I enjoyed your presentation at the USA Coaches Clinic in New York this past weekend. Your training methods for the Variable Goal Training Model were very interesting. I was hoping to have the opportunity to get the video presentation that you used. The video of the young skaters doing drill would be a huge benefit to use in our program. I would be willing to pay for shipment if possible.

Thank you.


Hello Coach Bukac.
Thank you for your presentation today at the USA Hockey National Coaching Symposium. It was far and away the best presentation that I enjoyed at the symposium. I am enamored of the multiple goal and variable training methods you presented.
Consequently, I would like to order the DVD you presented as soon as it is available. Even in raw form would be fine with me. Please let me know when it is available and how to order.
Thank you again.


Lieber Herr Bukac,
Ich wollte mich bei Ihnen informieren, ob sie heuer ein Trainingslager als
Vorbereitung für meinen Sohn Fabian anbieten.Als Fabian vor zwei Jahren bei Ihnen die Vorbereitung in der Tschechei, in Jindrichuv Hradec, gemacht hat, war er für die nächste Saison exzellent vorbereitet.
Dies würde ich mir für Fabian auch heuer sehr wünschen.
Fabian hat letztes jahr bei der Österreichischen Bundesliga Mannschaft der Vienna Capitals mittrainiert, und hat heuer ein Try Out bei den Vienna Capitals.
Zeitmäßig wäre es am besten Ende Juli Anfang August.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen verbleibt

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